Shenzhen Buuloo Technology Co., Limited, has been specializing in creation of the innovative 3C electronics products,

based on continuous market investigation and deep analysis of the collected data of users from different E-commerce platforms.

Innovation is always our core competitiveness.

Rooted in an overall research on user’s requirements and the potential usage scenarios of a product, we define, design and ultimately create it.


Since our establishment in 2016, we have obtained more than 200 patents for our products and this number has been kept increasing.



Buuloo is located in Shenzhen, China, which is known as the new Chinese Silicone Valley. It brings us the great advantages on the connections to the local hardware supply chain resourcs. Plus our strong and professional capabilities on:

Design;R&D;Supply chain management;Project management;Product testing and quality control;Supervision and control of production process;

Buuloo is able to create high-quality electronics products without any sacrifices in style, and fulfill its mission: “Make Innovation Work”.



By the way, in the past a few years, Buuloo has successfully become the supplier to several Top-10 brands in the field of 3C accessories in China mainland, with some products listed as No.1 top sales covering all China main e-commerce platforms. In 2019, we start building our own brands: “Buuloo” and “Rechanging”, and hope to bring our customers with more innovative and technologically advanced products.